Child’s Finger Severed at School

Child’s Finger Severed at School

Child's Finger Severed at SchoolOn average, there are about 300,000 finger injuries every year. Typically, these injuries are caused by opening or closing doors. In most scenarios, the injured party is a small child. Kids love to run around and explore. However, sometimes accidents can occur. This was the case for five-year old Kristen Hearn who experienced this traumatic event at her elementary school. Kristen had been recently acting as door holder for her class. Excited, Kristen was holding the door when her middle finger got caught in between the door. The tip of her finger was severed. Her teacher and school nurse were able to help by ensuring she remained calm while they contacted professional medical officials. Fortunately for Kristen, doctors were able to reattach the finger.

There are plenty of stories similar to this one with worse endings. In Kristen’s case, the school’s insurance had not yet picked up the medical bill leaving Kristen and her parents in a precarious financial predicament and putting the school in a bad light. With settlements ranging over $700,000 for finger injuries, using a door protector can save any injuries from occurring and avoiding large medical bills whether it’s in the home, school, or the workplace.

Finger Safe is a great option to help prevent door finger injuries. Our technology allows the guard to fit between the door and the frame and prevent it from squishing and mutilate fingers. The small compact build of the Finger Safe is the perfect way to protect your fingers while maintaining the mold and aesthetics of the door.

With Finger Safe products, you can have the peace of mind that your doors will not severe or mutilate any fingers. Installation is simple and easy to do! Finger Safe is also extremely affordable. For less than $60, you can get yours today. Prevent accidents like Kristen’s and get a Finger Safe today!

Childs Finger Severed at School

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“We ordered the Fingersafe products after having a small child lose the tip of one of his fingers. We now have your products on every classroom door in our child care center. We love this product! The design is flawless and the safety this product provides is wonderful! The protectors were easy to install and match our doors beautifully. We had a quality committee encourage us to find a product such as this and are very pleased with our decision to go with Fingersafe USA. Thank you for creating and providing such a great product to keep our children’s fingers safe!”

Tiffany Hardy | Director, Child Care Services , Memorial Health System

“I toured a local school and saw the product in action and it really works. They said I was the first one to ever notice it! I think it’s a good marketing feature because it illustrates the dedication that a facility has to the safety of their children. I also toured several other facilities and no one had a finger injury protection product installed. What a shame! This product has to be made one of the state requirements for daycare facilities. That is a win-win scenario for everyone!”

Aki | New Jersey

“I lost part of my right index finger in a school bathroom door. I wish Fingersafe had been installed then.”

Lee Veteto | Safety Officer, U.S. Marine Corps
“We placed two of your hinge guards on two of our 325 foot passenger ferries about a year ago to see if they would hold up to the high traffic of our vessels. These doors open seven days a week, for 16 hours a day at a rate of 50 to 150 times an hour and take a beating. I see no stress or wear on the material of your Fingersafe hinge guards.”
Kenneth Nash | Cape May, New Jersey, Delaware River and Bay Authority

“It only takes one accident to get people in an uproar. It was so easy to solve the problem, we need to spread the word.”

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